Who we are

CS Talent agency is a reputable agency that manages and promotes all forms of talent and other services for the entertainment industry.

Founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Caroline Schwitzky formally known as a Model and Pageant Title Holder believed it was crucial for any Model or Actor to be apart of an agency that would assist in branding, building and executing to the public the final product.

CS Talent Entertainment represents all forms of Talent including but not limiting to Models, Actors, Singers, Performers, Comedians, Athletes & more!

Our mission is to keep our talents dreams alive by providing solid opportunities that are life changing.

Over the years Caroline and her specialized equipped team members have established strong relationships and continue to do so by providing quality, strong candidates to represent future brands, ideas and productions.


Caroline Schwitzky


Caroline Schwitzky, founder of CS Talent Entertainment is a successful actress and model who’s a well established name in her home city, Miami.

Caroline has been a part of hundreds of publications and live interviews with famous celebrities on top of winning numerous titles beginning from the age of 18 also formally known as Miss. Weston 2012. Her interest in becoming a Model was sparked by watching music videos, reading fashion magazines and always wanting to be in the spot light.
She has appeared in countless music videos working with celebrities such as Pitbull, DJ Kane, Lil Wayne, Shaggy, TPO, Honorebel, Key-Y and many more. Once mastering the music video market she decided to transition into commercials and television.

Caroline knows being young and beautiful can be difficult for anyone who wants to succeed and be taken as a serious talent in the entertainment industry this being the reason she created CS Talent Entertainment, to offer her experience and advice.

Currently Caroline is working on a new project that will educate the future talent who are interested in pursing a career in the Entertainment World. Caroline is on a roll and more details are to follow, no one can stop this exquisite young women.


J. Valentine

In House Blogger

I am Jasmyne known as J Valentyn, Fashion Guidance Counselor and Creative director. My mission is to help Talent, Brands, Big and Small Businesses visually express their unique style by way of fashion and tailored marketing strategies.


Gabriela Rodriguez

Front Desk Reception

I’m 18 years old and I am puerto rican born in Miami. I decided to get involved with CS Talent after I discovered my love for fashion, modeling, music, and basically everything in the entertainment business. I love working here and can’t wait for what the future has in store for us.


Rashad Carroll

Agent (Speciality: Movies & Athletes)

Rashad “The Agent” Carroll and I am an Aquarius. After graduating from Michigan State University, I started my lifestyle business catered to high profile clients that consist of everything from fitness, travel, to personal shopping. Moving to Miami, I brought the business here along with teaching calculus at ground and online universities.

After 10 years, it was time for a life change. This is where I met the beautiful Caroline. My goal in the company is to make sure our clients reach the stars and dreams that they seek.



Model Developer

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Shannon is a huge part of CS Talent Entertainment not only is she scout for new and upcoming talent and models, but she is also apart if the model/artist development team.

She uses her experience in and around the business as well as her heart and passion for styling to help each and every client reach their maximum potential.

Shannon has been a part of the team since 2017.

Email head shots and/or photos and any inquiries to her direct email: shannon@cstalentent.com.


Angela Gomez

Office Manager

Hello I’m Angie, I’m the one who handles payroll here and my job is to ensure you get paid quickly and effortlessly. A little about myself I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I went to school in Hialeah and after high school I joined the army and did my time. I began to study criminal justice and now find myself in a complete different business world. I have one energetic son who is my world and I work hard for us.

I came to CS Talent Ent this past June and I love what I see. A team striving to change lives all while changing my own. I don’t work for a company I work with an extended family and for that I am grateful.


Steven Quintanilla

Talent Scout

Steven has always wanted to work in the entertainment industry when he first picked up the guitar when he was in middle school. He went on to study music business in MDC and now currently studies marketing at FIU. Steven is also currently the manager and guitarist of the alternative rock band PandaRama.

Steven is very familiar with how difficult it is to make it in the business on the talent side and as an agent he hopes to help those who are talented and passionate about their careers reach their dreams.


Miguel Rodriguez

Social Media Specialist

My name is Miguel Rodriguez, I am a social media and internet marketing professional based out of Miami, FL. With over ten years of experience in online marketing, multimedia productions and web design, I am here to provide the social media exposure you need to jump start your career.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your online presence and I will be sure to answer with the best of my knowledge and expertise. Let me help you make your dreams come true... I’ll see you at the top!


Our Team